Instagram Accounts you NEED to Be Following!

Instagram is such a powerful platform with thousands of users sharing pictures, commenting on others and exchanging messages. The app has come under fire for its power and the way it can affect people negatively through bullying and trying to become somebody you’re not. I think I speak on behalf of a lot of people here when I say we’ve all seen certain people on instagram and wished we could look like them.
But we shouldn’t think like that. We are all different and beautiful in our own way, so we should be proud to share our snaps and not compare ourselves to anyone else.
There a few instagram accounts that I believe ooze positivity, I genuinely love the content they create and they give such inspiration for my own outfit styling so I would 100% recommend checking them out:
India Moon
India is a blogger I’ve been following since she had 5,000 followers. She is such a style icon and she always look amazing. Her quirky fashion sense sees her style suits with chunky trainers and cute dresses with dr martens. Her daily uploads always brighten my feed and she will make you want to buy the whole of Topshop.
Lorna Luxe
If you don’t follow style Queen Lorna Luxe then who do you follow on instagram? Lorna is the classiest lady who the coolest sense of style you’ll ever meet. Her trips across Europe with her hubby are to die for and they make the cutest of pairings. She recently brought out a collaboration with In The Style and I’m obsessed!
Maria J
Maria’s account is THE DREAM. The colour palettes she uses for her editing to create the a theme for different seasons is amazing. She works so hard day in and day out to create amazing content and her insta stories are always a giggle. I have met Maria before and gone to a few events with her and she is just as nice in person as she seems online.
Beth Sandland
I never really had the urge to travel until Beth upped and left her London flat to travel the world. Her pictures look so effortless and her strength is just unbelievable. Her daily instagram story chats keep us up to date with her travels and she is always completely honest about her experiences. Definitely an incredible role model.
Elle Darby
Elle is someone who I’ve been subscribed to for around a year now and her fashion sense is to die for. She preaches so much about body positivity and offers so many outfit suggestions for different body shapes that really helps other women. Her relationship with her boyfriend Connor and dog Herbie is adorable and she just comes across as such a genuine person.

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