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Jewellery is the perfect accessory for any outfit. It can switch your outfit from day to night at the change of a pair of earrings and they just make the perfect accessory. A couple months ago I was reached out to be The Jewellery Box who allowed me to pick out a few pieces from their website to show you. They sell a variety of pieces from necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and even toe rings! From sterling silver to 9ct gold, there is something you’re bound to love on the website.
I am very particular when it comes to my jewellery – I wear a select few pieces every single day and only take them off to shower and do my tan. It takes a lot for me to like a piece of jewellery and want to add it to my collection, and I had no trouble finding some pieces from The Jewellery Box.
Sterling Silver Woven Band Ring – £7.35

I don’t know what it is but there is just something about a toe ring that makes me feel so feminine and sassy. It adds a little glam to your feet which looks cute with a pair of sandals or heels. It;s adjustable so you can adjust it to suit the shape of your toe and it’s comfortable – I don’t even notice I have it on half the time!
Rings I am particularly fussy with because I do love my Pandora rings which again, I wear on a daily basis. But I did see these next two rings on the website which I thought would match my current rings and compliment them nicely.
Sterling Silver Open Rectangle Ring – £6.85

Statement rings that are simple yet bold are something I’m trying to slowly work into my collection. This big rectangle ring covers my entire finger (below my crease bit in the middle) and really makes a statement. It’s simple with the plain silver band but is quite loud and looks great paired with some simple stacking rings or a bangle. This one is a bit thiner and more flimsy compared to the next ring which I’m about to show you but it is still sturdy and doesn’t feel like it would snap or break away (which I’ve had with some rings in the past.)
Sterling Silver 2mm Stacking Twisted Rope Ring – £5.85

The twisted rope ring is my favourite item from this entire mini haul. I love rings you can stack and pair with others to create your own custom ring and this one is perfect. It’s small and dainty yet you can stack it with other rings for a bulkier look. It’s made of really good quality despite it’s cheap price because it hasn’t turned my finger green which is amazing as that usually happens when I buy rings under £10.
Sterling Silver Bar & Hoops Drop Stud Earrings – £8.75

I have my lobes pierced twice and also my cartilage in one ear so earrings are something I’m always on the hunt for. I do love a statement earring and have many big hoops and tassel earrings in my collection. I don’t tend to buy dainty earrings because they’re usually hidden underneath my hair as it’s down the majority of the time, but recently I have been wearing my hair up and I have enjoyed wearing little earrings. These earrings are the perfect compromise between a stud and hoop. I get very bored with studs and always go for a hoop so this is a nice subtle in between for me.
Sterling Silver Diamond Cut 2mm Square 25mm Hoop Earrings – £7.75

Following on from the pair previous, these small dainty hoops are a nice day to day pair to wear so I can keep my big hoops for occasions. These silver earrings match the same rope twist effect the stacking ring has and they also compliment my Tiffany necklace perfectly. They come just below my ear lobe so very sensible and practical earrings but not too over powering.
Sterling Silver & Clear CZ Crystal Triangles Torque Bangle – £9.95

Bracelets and bangles are such a simple way to dress up an outfit. They add that little bit of extra sparkle to a plain outfit and just make you feel a little more put together. I constantly wear my Pandora charm bracelet but sometimes I like another accessory to wear on my other wrist so it doesn’t look as bare – and this is the perfect filler.
Any of these pieces would make great little stocking filers and Christmas presents so check out Jewellery Box and get your little bargains!


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