London’s Most Instagrammable Places

Instagram is full of gorgeous boys and girls blogging their way through life in the heart of London. London is such a popular location for many UK bloggers and it can overtake the number of local blogging pictures people take on a daily basis.
The capital city is so popular with hundreds of gorgeous places to go – but the hard decision is always where to go? Having such a big choice can overthrow people and often bloggers will stick to the same locations that work for them and are in their comfort zones.
I’ve been travelling to London for the majority of my blogging snaps for the past 18 months and over this period of time I have found some great locations that I love taking photos in. London has a great variety of backgrounds with a different vibe so there is always a location to fit your outfit.
To stay up to date with my fashion snaps on a daily basis, you can follow my instagram (here) but also keep reading to see some of my top locations!
London Bridge

This is a new hot location for me after recently having some professional photos taken there by the lovely Jodi Mitchell. It’s a busy area of London with it being by the Thames and it’s also a top tourist stop; so you do have to time your photos if you go in the middle of the day like I did. However, when you time it well you can get some amazing photos.
The views from London Bridge are stunning and if you have a photographer or friend who knows their angles and the best lighting – you’ll have the most incredible backdrop of London in your photos. It’s a classic London location and if you love a scenic background or buildings in the distance as opposed to flowers then you’ll love London Bridge (plus there is a really nice Nandos just across the river with a gorgeous view of the Thames!0

Victoria is one of the most frequent locations I visit when I go to London because that is where my coach terminates from my hometown. I think the location is very overlooked but if you dig a little deeper you will find some hidden gems.
Not many people know that a minute down the road from Victoria coach station is where you will find Peggy Porschen. The Instagram-popular cafe has a bright lilac exterior with fake flowers all around to give it, which gives it that wow effect. It’s such a popular location that many people don’t want to take their picture there because it is typically cliche – but some of my most popular posts were taken here.
The little side roads contain cute cafes, black railings for your typical London snaps and snazzy pubs for those after work drinks or a lunch time pit stopĀ  on a shoot day.
South Kensington

If you love the typical black and white London houses with black gates and hanging flower baskets then you will love South Kensington. The stunning photographic houses are ideal for those typical fashion blogger snaps because the focus is really drawn to your outfit. I have shot outfits here so many times and it is just that safe location which is a little bit quieter and you’re guaranteed to get some good shots.
It’s one of London’s quiet locations so there’s plenty of time to master a shot or switch it up if you’re not feeling the angles. It’s a walking distance from Victoria or easily accessible on the District or Circle line – but do try to shoot there when is cloudy because the shadowing of the gates can be very irritating when it comes to editing.
Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a great location for some shopping and a spot of food and/or cocktails. The great big buildings, stalls, high end stores and restaurants – it’s an all round place which is a main attraction of London. If you go early enough, you can catch some photos with the old cobbled roads with the beautiful buildings or shops in the background.
Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a popular tourist attraction where you are bound to see red buses and hundreds of people having their photo taken. If you are a little shy about having your photo taken in public, this isn’t a bad place to start because everybody else is doing the same thing!
Notting Hill

Notting Hill is the newest addition to my list of favourite Instagram locations – but I think the location speaks for itself. The gorgeous pastel housing is the perfect background for an outfit and it’s a very modern looking area of London. It’s near enough always clean and tidy which creates a clean look to the photo and again if you time it right you can get some shots without a busy background. Waiting for cars to pass can seem like a chore but you do get amazing results for street shots without blurred moving cars in the background.
Match your outfit to the pastel houses and the photos will look like a dream!

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