Making Use of What You’ve Got

The majority of my favourite bloggers and instagram bloggers live in London. They are constantly uploading the most incredible photos in London, all across the city. White buildings, landmarks, cute cafes, you name it, it seems to be their life. But my life isn’t that glamourous.
I live around 30 miles out of London and can’t always afford, or have the time, to go there on the weekends and shoot my content. When I can plan ahead, I usually bribe Courtney to come along with me for a girls day so we can shop, eat and take pictures. But when we haven’t got the time, our hometown just has to do.
This blog post is a little take on the ugly location shoot challenge that has been going round on YouTube for the last month. I hope to show you how to shoot some incredible photos by making use of what you’ve got.
Brick Wall
A brick wall might not seem like much but if you’ve got a simplistic outfit which you want to be the main focus point, instead of the pretty flower wall in Elan Cafe for example, it is perfect.
Luckily for me, Courtney shoots the majority of my photos on her iPhone 8 PLUS in the portrait mode so the quality is insane. But the brick wall adds a bit of rough texture to the picture and ensures that you stand out against it.

The boring background draws attention to you but it’s important to wear colours or an outfit that will stand out. The first outfit I pulled together is an all black outfit which can look pretty dull and shapeless if you stand in front of a dark background. This brick wall is in my nans garden and is made up of light coloured bricks which is perfect for this outfit.
Whereas the second outfit is a lot more bright and colourful which breaks away from the dark bricks behind me. This clueless outfit would have been perfect to shoot in Trafalgar Square with the fountain in the background (if you’ve seen the film you’ll know why) but making use of what I’ve got, the brick wall worked just as well.

Garage Door
A garage door sounds like the least attractive background in the world, particularly if it’s covered in dirt, graffiti or just looks dingy. But if you can find that hidden gem garage where the owner keeps it clean and tidy, you’re onto a winner.
There is a block garages down the road from my house and the majority of them are bright white – almost as if they’re brand new. These are garages you’re looking for. This simplistic background will again make you stand out as there is nothing interesting in the background for your audience to look at.

This smart-sporty outfit hybrid stands out perfectly against the garage. Just because the garage is white, doesn’t mean you can’t wear white and get a picture in front of it. There is a wonderful word calling editing, which means if you are nervous to blend in with the background, you can edit the shadows and depth to darken the background slightly.
But as you can see, this garage worked perfectly for this outfit close up. The black and white outfit contrasts nicely with the garage door and the vertical stripes on the top go against the horizontal pattern of the door. This boring background makes me stand out and all your attention is on the outfit. Perfect for a close up outfit shot.
Fields can either look beautiful when the flowers are full bloom, or just a pile of land covered in mud and dead weeds. They’re not practical for shooting in all year round but for the Spring and Summer they’re perfect.
Fields add a different depth to your pictures. They create a background which can be beautiful with the right lighting, angles and outfit.

This outfit is pretty grundy looking, a bit more rock and roll for me, but I absolutely love how different it looks in a field. If I were to shoot this on a road or somewhere, you would probably get a complete different outlook. Punky, distressed and edgy. Whereas plopping myself in a field gives me a country girl esc which looks adorable.
There are lots of different angles you can take with these shots. The first is quite a close up shot, off centre and focuses more on the bust up. These shots are quite nice for hair styles and makeup shots because they are the centre of attention. In this case, I wanted to focus on the scarf in my hair because it’s different.

This second shots is a low down shot, which makes me look taller, powerful and confident. This shows I have different sides to my blogging to just cities and fashion. This one almost tells a story and I love that.
Just because you don’t live in the heart of London with all the pretty sites, doesn’t mean you can’t produce some stunning photographs for fashion.
Adidas Joggers – Littlewoods
Lace Bodysuit – Ebay – SIMILAR ONE ON WEARALL
Boots – Carli Bybel x Missguided SOLD OUT – CAN BUY ON LYST
Earrings – Primark
Necklace – Tiffany & Co
Bracelet – Pandora 
Halterneck Crop Top – Pretty Little Thing
Skirt – Pretty Little Thing 
Dr Martens – Dr Martens 
Earrings – Primark
Bracelet – Pandora 
Top – Pretty Little Thing 
Skirt – Pretty Little Thing SOLD OUT
Sliders – Schuh 
Lipstick – Kylie lip Kit Mary Jo K
Extreme Crop Top – Pretty Little Thing
Jeans – Pretty Little Thing SOLD OUT
Belt – Primark
Dr Martens – Dr Martens 
Scarf – Depop
Necklace – Tiffany & Co 

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