My Fake Tan Routine

As a fake tan junkie, I’ve tried and testing quite a few brands, methods for tanning and have had quite a few patchy disasters. It’s really only been within the last 5/6 months I’d say that I’ve found my set routine for tanning and now don’t use anything else.
I’ve seen a lot of posts like this floating around the industry over the last couple of months and so I thought I’d join in to share with you all how I get my golden glow.
Exfoliate & Shave
There’s nothing I love more than a good bubble bath and hair wash. Exfoliation isn’t something I do every time I have a shower or bath because it does remove your tan – which is important to do before you apply fresh tan. You have to remove your current/old layer of tan before applying a fresh coat to avoid patches, build up and dirt.
I have sensitive skin so my favourite body scrubs are both by a brand called Hempz and they are the Hempz Milk Honey Body Whip and the Hempz Tahitian Vanilla & Ginger Body Scrub. They both feel absolutely incredible on the skin, aren’t too harsh and leave my skin feeling really smooth. The Ginger scented body scrub is a lot stronger smelling than the Milk Honey and does have a harsher texture compared to the whip which is ideal if you wear tan like me. The Vanilla & Ginger scrub really gets those patches of tan that cling to your skin and also work a treat as an exfoliator all round.
This is such an important step when it comes to tanning – possibly the most important step besides the tan itself. Keeping your skin hydrated and soft is so important to prevent tan clutching to dry areas and making your skin look like a tiger bread roll.
A couple of months ago I had an awful skin flare up where any body cream or lotion would irritate my skin. Nothing seemed to soothe the irritation except for E45 cream so I was using that religiously up until a couple weeks ago. Since then I’ve been trialling the Hempz Coconut Shimmering Herbal Body Souffle and so far I’ve only got good things to say. It leaves my skin with a lovely coconut scent and also a nice layer of shimmer to mix in with the tan to not only give my skin a golden look, but also that glow I look for.
This is a new step to my collection but one I have been LOVING. The Norvell Vivid Amplify PH Equaliser Spray is a GAME CHANGER. Once I’ve moisturised and am ready to tan, I first spray the amplify product all over my body and rub in with a tanning mit. This product helps to boost that golden brown colour – quote literally what is says on the bottle…amplify! The product doesn’t feel too sticky and doesn’t leave any streaks and still gives your tan that even base to apply and stick to.
Fake Tan
I’ve tried plenty of fake tan over the years and some have been firm staples and some have just been pure disaster. If you’d like me to do a blog post about the tans I’ve tried and if they’ve been hits or misses then do let me know. But Norvell Tanning Products are just solid favourites for me now. My particular favourites are the Norvell Vivid Effect HI-Res Colour Creator, Norvell Vivid Boost Tan Extender and also the Norvell Self Tanning Mousseall of which are incredible.
And if the shimmer from my body lotion wasn’t enough, this Norvell Dazzle Shimmering Mist adds that extra something. This gorgeous golden glitter mist is the perfect extra before a night out or special occasion. You can spray this all over your body and leave to set like a normal body spray or you can choose to rub it into your body with a tanning mitten depending how prominent you like your glow.
All products from Norvell and Hempz were kindly gifted to me by Alex Silver PR but all thoughts in this blog post are my own and I was under no obligation to write this post.

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