My Prom 2013 vs Proms NOW #AD

Leaving high school and knowing prom was just around the corner must be every 15/16 year old dream, especially the girls. The dress shopping, booking hair and make up appointments and maybe even getting a spray tan and nails done. For me, I couldn’t have been more excited about the process.
Prom is traditionally an American holiday to celebrate finishing senior year and overtime to occasion has spread to other countries such as the UK. It has become so widely popular here that some schools are even holding proms for finishing junior/primary school, high school and then sixth form or college; so some kids will have 3 or 4 proms in their lifetime!

I left high school in 2013 which was 4 years ago! The time has flown by and it makes me feel slightly old. To make it even worse, I’ll hopefully be graduating University in a year!
Looking back at my prom look, I would completely change my look. At the time I loved how I looked because it is exactly what I’d wanted. I wanted a pink princess dress with curly hair and a tiara – which is exactly what I had! But looking back, I don’t think my dress flattered me at all.
Now this seems crazy to say now because obviously fashion trends change so it’s almost guaranteed that I’d want to change something 4 years on. I love looking at all the prom pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I have seen some stunning dresses over the years.
So I thought it would be a little bit of fun to share with you all what prom dresses I like and what I would pick to wear to my prom if I had the chance to do it all over again.

This was my dress for my prom back in 2013. It was a beautiful pink princess dress with about 3 underlaying petticoats to make it “poof”. I bought my dress from Ebay which surprised most people because it looked like a shop bought one. I was only looking for ideas and inspiration but I fell in love with this one and had to have it. It had the sparkle and the corset style that I wanted and to me it was perfect.
If I were to do prom again – I would completely change my dress.
My legs are my favourite part of my body because I was a dancer for 14 years so my legs have always been nice and toned. A few girls at my prom had dresses with leg slits and I think they were so pretty, so I would take the same route if I had to redo.

This dress is absolutely stunning. I love the sweetheart neckline as I think it flatters any chest size and the diamante detailing is to die for. The leg slit is very prominent but because the dress isn’t bodycon or fitted – it is very graceful. On the website Milly Bridal they have tonnes of different colours to choose from, so I think I would go for either red or a peach colour.

This dress also has the leg split but this one is much more flamboyant and in your face – but I like that. The colour is absolutely beautiful and the overall shimmer to the dress would catch the light beautifully. Again, this dress has the sweetheart neckline that I love and it’s just overall such a beautiful dress. I would definitely feel like the dancing red dress girl emoji in this dress!

Backless dresses are so elegant and add such amazing detail to a dress without any sparkles, gems or anything. This scoop back dress is so stunning and the train on the bottom would look amazing for photographs. This burgundy/plum colour is very autumnal but with the right accessories this would be a stand out colour for the summer.

And sometimes plain and simple can be just a beautiful and crystals. This gorgeous strapless number has a sweetheart neckline again and just a simple train. It’s flattering, elegant and is the perfect blank canvas to up your accessories game.
All of these dresses I’ve showed you are from Milly Bridal UK. They have the biggest variety of dresses on their website for all kinds of occasions; bridal, prom, cocktail, evening, etc. What made me really happy though was seeing that they have a plus size dresses. Now I am not plus size but from working in retail for 3 years I know it is difficult for plus sized women to find clothes they love at the best of times. This is down to a lot of brands not designing cute clothes for bigger than a size 18, which is wrong and why people have such a problem shopping. I think it’s amazing that they branch out to women of all sizes to make sure everybody gets the dress of their dreams.
They also have cheap prom dresses for the UK too! All the dresses shown above were under $200 when I viewed them, which are all absolute bargains for prom dresses. My prom dress cost £80 I believe which is also cheap so it just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a dress to look a million dollars!