On a Budget: My Favourite Eyelashes

I never used to like fake eyelashes. Honestly couldn’t stand them. I thought they were a waste of money and added too much time to getting ready in the morning…but that was probably because I could never apply them properly. Since converting to false eyelashes around 6 months ago I haven’t looked back.
Wearing fake eyelashes near enough every single day can get very expensive if you don’t buy reusable lashes. Most people don’t know that if you take care of your eyelashes you can wear them up to at least 5 times, some even more. With wanting to save money it’s important for me to find eyelashes that look amazing so I can reuse them as much as possible.
I’ve tried many different brands and I’ve come to love a certain few which are budget friendly and can be re-worn so many times. So without further adieu, these are my my favourite budget lashes.
KISS False Lashes

Kiss false lashes are absolutely incredible. They’re jet black lashes with a lot of volume and very easy to cut down if you have smaller eyes. They’re very full and fluttery which is right up my street. They do have a natural range of lashes but I’m not a fan of those as the lash band is so thin, flimsy and are almost set in a straight line so it’s hard to apply them. But with the Lash Couture range they’re very easy to apply as the band is much more rounded to an eye shape.
The packaging of these lashes are my favourite too. The slick white packaging protects the lashes in a clear plastic case which is ideal for carrying and storing them when you’re not wearing them. Storing your lashes cleanly is the key to re-using them so these cases make your job easy.
You can get these lashes on the Superdrug website for £7.99 which is at the top of my budget for the lashes but I can wear these at least 20 times so they’re definitely worth the money. Some of my favourite styles of the lashes are “midnight‘, “little black dress” and “gala
Eyelure Lashes
Eyelure was the first brand of false eyelashes I ever tried and had success with. It was Eyelure that kind of “motivated” me to carry on trying with the false lashes and I’m going to be forever grateful to the brand. Having no success with lashes beforehand, this shows that Eyelure lashes are easy to apply.  They do have a fairly flimsy band which can make them slightly difficult if you use too much glue, don’t let the glue tack or don’t let your eyeliner dry properly – but if you let everything dry first you’ll love them as much as me. The lashes I have grown to love from their range are the lashes in the style “101” and “107.”
Style 101 is very natural and lengthens the lashes with the different lengths. They start fairly short at your inner corner, growing to a longer lash for the top of the band and then shorten again towards the outer corner of your eye. They’re ideal for any daytime look if you want something natural and lightweight; but you can make them look fuller if you apply some mascara on the top.
Whereas style 107 are slightly more dramatic and dark but what really makes them stand out is the angle of the lashes. Just like style 101, they start shorter at your inner corner but fan out further round the lash you go (almost like a cat eye.) These were my original go-to night out lashes because they looked so dramatic once I’d applied mascara and eyeliner.
Amazon Lashes

I’m all for a bargain and these lashes are Queen of the bargains. How great would it be to have 5 pairs of your favourite lashes all in one pack? If you love very natural looking lashes the you will love my Amazon bargains. This pack of 5 is only £1.89 with FREE delivery…an absolute steal. These lashes are very natural as though you aren’t wearing fake lashes at all. They aren’t wispy but instead are more structured and can’t be drama-fied with mascara because they don’t change very much.
The lash band is VERY flimsy so it does take a while to get them exactly perfect but once they’re on they look like a dream. These ones I can wear three times maximum if I can keep them clean but because of how cheap they are I don’t mind if I just use them the once and throw them away. Very affordable for a small budget.
Primark Lashes
Primark are just good for all things cheap and cheerful. Jewellery, underwear, pyjamas, you name it they do very cute affordable bargains. When they started to delve into the beauty department they brought out make up wipes, fake tan mittens, cotton pads, etc. Not long after all those bits started to become popular they then brought out a makeup range which is called “PS…I Love You.” The range includes your full face of products, eye makeup, lip products and skin care too which is amazing. BUT, they also do eye lashes!
There are so many different styles of lashes you can buy from Primark which is what I love so much. They range from natural whispy lashes to full dramatic glam lashes. The ones I’m talking about today are £1 EACH. Since uploading this blog post I know that Primark have released a higher end brand of lashes but I haven’t tested those ones yet so I can’t talk about those ones for you today boys and girls.
My favourite ones in particular are “type 1” because they have such a thin lash band which makes them easy to apply and you can wear them a couple of times before throwing them away.


Overall False Eyelash Advice
I quite often get asked how I can wear fake eyelashes all the time, how I find them comfortable and how I’m so dedicated to maintaining them. And honestly, I’ve just become used to them. However, I do have a few tips and tricks to maintaining your lashes throughout the day and how you can help to look after them.
  • Look for a lash band that is fairly thick. I find these are easier to get used to as they aren’t flimsy and you may feel more in control because they’re thicker. For me, I like to be able to feel the lash band and feel it between my tweezers when I’m applying them because I can feel myself pressing down onto my lash band.
  • Use a decent eyelash glue. I know it’s wonderful when a pack of eyelashes comes with a glue but half of the time they’re rubbish and don’t do the job. I don’t use the glue that comes with Primark lashes or Eyelure. My favourite eyelash glue is the KISS Lash Strip Adhesive glue in black. The black ensures that no glue is seen once it is dry (the clear/white does dry clear but sometimes you can apply too much and it can be seen.)
  • Apply the glue directly to your eyelid/lash band. This is possibly the best trick I have ever discovered. I used to struggle quite a bit with applying the glue to the eyelash and then perfectly positioning the lashes without smudging the glue. If you apply the glue onto your eyelid where you would like your lashes to sit, you can very easily pop them off, press them down with some tweezers and you’re good to go!
  • Measure your false eyelashes against your real lash band. It’s so important you make sure the eyelashes will fit onto your eyes perfectly. Your lashes will not apply properly or sit nicely if they’re too big for your eyes. I quite often have to use a pair of (clean) nail scissors to cut the ends of some eyelashes to make them fit. It makes them look more natural and they won’t flick up and pull away from your eyelids.