Pure London 2018 – Guest Speaking Experience

Speaking in public or in front of crowds of people isn’t anything new to me, but the audience has never been more than 50 people or so. I don’t tend to get nervous unless it is a big audience, but that might just be a confidence thing. When I was asked to speak on a panel alongside my friend George (YouTube George Friend) and Georgina (www.fullerfigurefullerbust.com) to give advice about fashion blogging at Pure London 2018, I was really honored.
I’ve been blogging on daniejade.co.uk for the past 2 years now after deciding I needed a fresh start after I fell out of love with my old blog. I haven’t got 10s of thousands of followers on social media so I was really confused as to why I was asked at first. It wasn’t until I thought back and looked at my blogging journey that I realised I’ve been really fortunate in the collaborations I’ve had and I’ve got my fair share of advice and experiences I could share with others.

I’ve worked really hard over the last few years to get to where I am now – working full time Monday to Friday and spending my weekends shooting and writing content, I don’t really have a day off. But it’s something I love and I wouldn’t change it for the world. So after careful consideration, I accepted.
The morning arrived of Sunday 22nd July and I started my day by meeting George and the girls at Paddington Station before we headed off Olympia London where the exhibition/show was being held this year. It was so lovely to see the twins Beth and Scarlett again who I met at London Fashion Week as well as Rosie and whatshername
Once we arrived at the venue, George and I went off to find the VIP and Speakers Lounge to sign in and register that we were here. The team at Pure London made us feel so welcome and really at ease with their kind words. It was in the lounge that we met Georgina for the first time who is such an incredible and inspirational woman. She promotes body confidence and teaches you to love your body for whatever your shape or size. It’s so important to have role models like Georgina in our industry because she picks you up when you’re feeling down and gives you that confidence boost.

We had a little brief between ourselves before the panel, so we could have some ideas and answers in our head to the questions we had to answer. Luckily we had a layout to follow with topics to discuss regarding the fashion industry, blogging and the best way to begin working with brands.
We followed a member of the team over to the Future Stage which was the second biggest stage at the venue. While getting our microphones fitted, we could see the audience sat down waiting for our talk to begin. There must have been around 100-200 people there, waiting to hear us talk! It seemed so surreal but for some reason I felt really excited at the thought that I might be able to help somebody with my advice.

Despite all our nerves, the talk went incredibly well. We discussed topics from starting your blog, to giving advice about working with brands, to covering taboo subjects such as the bad sides to the fashion industry such as sizing. It was lovely to have a mixture of opinions and experiences on the panel because the audience had somebody they could relate to in some way. George could cover the basis of male bloggers wanting to not be afraid to stand out, explaining that wearing makeup is okay and if you want to slay an outfit you slay. Georgina covered the experience side of the blogging world – with over 200k followers on Instagram with hundreds of modelling collaborations under her belt, she’s the boss lady with the stories to tell – as well as preaching that you should love the body your in because it makes you special. And I’d like to think I covered the blogging for a hobby but wanting to turn it into your full time job side of things. Sharing my tips on how to manage your time around working, making time for your hobby and not being afraid to pitch yourself to brands.
It was really strange to see people filming our talk, taking photos and jotting down notes in their notebooks because usually I’m that person in the audience. It was all very surreal and I was quite gutted there wasn’t a Q&A at the end of the talk because I’d have liked to have answered some direct questions some members of the audience might had. So we offered a little chat at the end for anyone who had any questions to come up to us because I think it’s nice to interact and network.

I spoke to quite a few people after our panel and it was so lovely to meet some people who actually follow and read my blog. I meet people at events all the time and I’ll recognise them from my Instagram feed or Twitter, but it’s so strange to meet people who follow you. I was given such lovely compliments and it really made my day, I could have cried!
Rachel from the social media and marketing team met up with us after our talk for a few quick interviews, some photos for the Pure London Show Instagram page and chatted with us about our panel and how it went. I honestly felt like a VIP and I keep saying this but it was such a surreal experience.
I would like to thank the Pure London Show team for inviting me along for the day and allowing me to babble on stage to a few people about my experience as a fashion blogger. It’s not something I will forget in a hurry and I thoroughly recommend anyone to go along to the 2019 show!

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