Wacoal Europe AW18 Press Day

Hi everybody! Long time no see!
I’m really sorry I’ve not been blogging much recently; I took some time away from social media to complete my documentary for University because that was my main priority. But, I’m back so let’s get cracking shall we?
A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to the Wacoal Europe AW18 Press Day at their store just off Oxford Street in London. I’m such a fan of pretty lingerie so I replied my acceptance almost instantly.
Along with my friend Aroosa, we headed down to the store to browse and take in the gorgeous new collections from a variety of brands. Some included, Fantastie, Elomi, b’tempt’d, Goddess and Freya and if you read my last blog post, I have previously worked with Freya.

Walking into the venue we were surrounded by rails and mannequins of the most gorgeous lingerie. The sets included a variety of styles, patterns and colours, ensuring there was something that everyone would like. There was a beautiful variety of bralettes, tshirt bras, balcony bras, night slips, swimwear and many more styles. They had considered all shapes and sizes and it was so nice to see in the variety on display.
The mannequins displaying a few of the collections were all the same size but I think that is the same in 9 out of 10 shops you go to in the UK, unless they are displaying plus sized clothing. I know a lot of people have an issue with mannequins “not displaying true women bodies” but to be honest, I didn’t even think about that. All I cared about was the collections on display because it is a lot easier to tell if you like an item if you see if off the hanger.
There were real life models with gorgeous tans walking around the venue, chatting about the collections they were modelling and just giving general tips about how to choose the correct style for your body and how to feel confident. Each model was a different size which was so refreshing to see, women of all sizes loving their bodies; and I’m sure it isn’t just me who felt confident in their own skin after chatting to some of the girls.

As well as a private viewing of the latest AW18 collections, there was a free bra fitting service too. I don’t think I’ve ever been for a bra fitting in my life so I was really intrigued to take advantage of the service and actually find out which bra size I am.
The lady I had instantly told me I was wearing the wrong bra size, which shocked me because I thought I’d done quite a good job of trial and error-ing different sizes to find one that was comfortable. She was very quick and slightly abrupt, however I just took that was wanting to get through the huge waiting list outside. She selected a bra that was a perfect fit for me and took me out of my comfort zone by encouraging me to choose a bright multi-coloured Freya set instead of a plain white, black or nude set.

As well as providing a very apt service that left me feeling on cloud nine (as well as shocked…who knew you could get your bra size so wrong?!) Wacoal also displayed flatlays in clear perspex boxes which were instagram ready. I’m awful for flatlays and never have the patience to do them, so to see what kind of makeup I could pair with the lingerie, was extremely helpful.
For each garment, there was a label attached which stated which sizes/cups they were made in and the price range depending on size. I find things like this really helpful because it gives you a rough idea in your head of the styles you can get for your budget and what you could splash the cash on for a treat day.
My overall experience of the AW18 Press Day was fabulous; it has given me such inspiration for my own collections so I really need to win the lottery this week or they will remain a dream.


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